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Your Rubbish, a new waste and recycling app for Coventry
Do you ever forget to put your bins out? Maybe you're sometimes unsure whether to put out the blue-lidded recycling bin or the brown-lidded garden waste bin? Or are you ever unsure whether you can recycle certain items of rubbish?
Your Rubbish, a new smartphone app has been developed by Coventry University in partnership with the Council to help all residents living in Coventry know what, when and how to recycle and how to dispose of their waste. Collection reminders - you can set up reminders so you'll receive a notification every week to remind you of which bins to put out, and when to bring them back in - What goes where? - an alphabetical list of common household wastes, with information about how to recycle or dispose of them - How to dispose or recycle other wastes - What items to put in each type of bin - Cancelled collections - if bin collections are Cancelled for any reason, such as heavy snow, the app will let you know not to put your bins out.
Your Rubbish can be downloaded for free from the iTunes app store for iPhone and iPad or the Google Play store for Android. For more information please go to
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